Asbestos Removal Contractors – Safeguarding Occupants Against Toxic Air Pollutants

Asbestos Removal Contractors – Safeguarding Occupants Against Toxic Air Pollutants


Exposure to asbestos in the environment is a severe health hazard as it may cause cancer. The US banned most products containing asbestos in 1989. However, it does not imply that the present and future generations are free from the hazards of asbestos contamination because there are several asbestos-containing products and building materials around us.

There are hundreds of thousands of properties constructed prior to the eighties having asbestos-containing building materials. Hiring efficient asbestos removal contractors is an important decision to eliminate the hazardous material from the premises of commercial and residential buildings.

Understanding key aspects of asbestos removal

The term asbestos abatement refers to the scientific and systematic mitigation of the hazardous effects of the mineral present on the premises. The process of asbestos abatement precedes a thorough inspection of the property to detect the level of risk. Reputed asbestos removal companies may prefer keeping the asbestos if it is intact and not posing any threat.

Removal of asbestos is necessary if the material is in disintegrating stage or the owner is planning a renovation of the property. Asbestos removal is essential if you are demolishing the property. In these case, asbestos removal experts create a detailed plan by focusing on safety of technicians. Inspection provides in-depth analysis of the asbestos present in the environment with guidelines for abatement or removal of the toxic substance.

Considering asbestos abatement

You will have a clear understanding of the asbestos removal plan after the asbestos abatement experts inspect the premises. It is necessary to hire licensed hygiene inspectors to get the correct evaluation of asbestos contamination. The property owner can look for experienced asbestos removal contractors if the hygiene firm recommends asbestos abatement.

The asbestos removal process should comply with the relevant regulations. The contractor will share the details of cleanup process and inform the residents to vacate the area as per safety guidelines. The occupants can return only after the issuing of an appropriate clearance certificate after the completion of the asbestos removal.

Asbestos removal procedures

The process of asbestos removal requires sealing of air ducts and covering the treatment area with sheets to block spreading of asbestos fibers in the surrounding environment. Inspection of the area is crucial before the actual beginning of asbestos abatement.

Proven asbestos removal contractors use advanced equipment to effectively remove asbestos material and clean the area to get rid of every single asbestos finer that may disperse in the air during the process. They also leverage wet methods using a shower inside the cleaning area. A make-shift decontamination chamber with a safety lining arrests toxic material while packing inside bags.

High efficiency vacuum cleaners ensure effective asbestos removal from the air and material. It is helpful for the removal of asbestos from small and difficult-to-reach areas such as pipes and dry wall fittings. Final inspection of the area is vital after removing or repairing the affected area.

Employing an independent inspection agency for the purpose is important for an authentic report. The air sampling process should adhere to regulations. Removal of barriers is not acceptable until the final inspection report confirms 100 percent asbestos abatement. The inspection should comply with the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants.

The takeaway

Asbestos is highly toxic air pollutant as it can cause cancer. According to the air pollutants experts, asbestos becomes hazardous only after the microscopic asbestos fibers disperse into the environment. In-depth assessment of the premises by expert professionals is crucial as you cannot take chances with asbestos contamination.

Asbestos removal contractors follow the systematic process of inspection, assessment, identification, removal and remediation. Asbestos abatement is crucial if you are planning renovation or demolishment of the building. Hiring a reputed asbestos removal company assures peace of mind as these providers follow stringent processes adhering to local, state, and federal regulations.

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