Flood Restoration Near Me: 5 Ways Water can Damage Your House

Flood Restoration Near Me: 5 Ways Water can Damage Your House


Whether your home gets flooded due to a storm or due to a burst in the pipe, it can wreak havoc with your home structure and belongings. You must not try to fix this on your own, as you may not have the necessary skill and equipment to deal with flooded water. Even if you manage to pump out the water, you may never realize the hidden damage it may have done to your house walls, flooring, frames, and even the foundation.

It is wise to search for “flood restoration near me” to connect with experts in this field.

Severity of water damage

How severe the damage happens depends on:

  • How high the flooding waters reached your house
  • The type of flood
  • For how much time the water stayed in your house

Flood water can damage the following structures of your house:

1. Foundation

Serious flooding can lead to soil erosion beneath the house. This can move the foundation of your house, making it weak or even likely to crumble in the future. The foundation may rise or crack, giving the house structure an uneven base. Such a house is dangerous to live in, as it may cave in or fall.

Foundation shift can also crack walls or burst pipes.

2. Flooring

The type of damage done to the flooring depends on the material used for flooring. For example, wood may swell and warp due to absorption of moisture. You may need to remove a few floor boards to examine the condition and fix it. Tiles made of non-porous material may not be damaged, but require thorough cleaning. Laminated flooring may peel. Carpets on the floor get damaged and should be thrown away.

3. Walls

Walls can absorb moisture and invite molds and mildew. Plaster can dry out after some time, but wallpaper cannot. You must remove wet wallpaper immediately. Fiber or foam insulation on walls absorb water; so they too must be replaced as fast as possible.

When you call in the experts by searching “flood restoration near me” you can expect them to check the various structures of your house for any damage.

4. Doors and windows

Doors and windows made of wood absorb water and can swell or expand. This can make them stick in frames or become useless. When the foundation is damaged you can see its effect on the frames. They can twist or wrap. At times, the glass may break. So, this is also a sign that the foundation of your house is damaged. Do not ignore any such sign.

5. Appliances, furniture, and electrics

Extent of damage on furniture depends on its quality. Solid wood can endure flood water. Plastic and metal stay undamaged. They only require thorough cleaning and drying. Cheap wood can break down. Soft furnishings and upholstery should be thrown away, as they can breed pathogens by absorbing moisture and can never be cleaned completely.

Let the professionals check your ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other such appliances and see whether they can be used or should be replaced.

Electrical system of your house can be damaged, if the water has reached upto them. If the water is salty, then you can expect your electrics to be damaged, as such water is corrosive in nature. Even freshwater is not good, if it submerges your electrics.

You must let the experts check the electrics and everything else in the house. Please do not do this on your own, as it can be dangerous.

Professionals for water damage repair in VA are just a call away. You can also contact them online. Reputable companies even provide a quote online.

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