Water Damage Repair in VA: Experts are Available

Water Damage Repair in VA: Experts are Available


If your home is damaged due to burst pipes or leakages in pipes that led to slow trickling of water, you must sit up and take notice. You must repair the damage urgently to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Why water damage repair is an urgent thing to do

It’s not just mold growth that you must be wary of. Not repairing a water damaged home urgently can lead to weakening of the foundation of the house, if the water seepage is at the ground level. It can weaken the framework or structure of the house. It can damage the wooden frames of windows and warp them. Water can affect fixtures and fittings around your house and your valuable furniture.

Moreover, you get a feeling of dampness as you reside in such a house. Such a place does not feel fresh and hygienic to live in. The walls may get stained and look unsightly.

Services for water damage repair in VA are easily available. So, you need not fret over this matter. Simply call in the experts and let them handle the repair work. The only thing you must do is contact the professionals as fast as possible.

Delaying in this regard will only worsen the damage done by the seeping water.

Types of water that can damage your home:

  • Clean water: This is rain water or water from leaking or bursting pipes.
  • Gray water: This is waste water that usually comes from dishwashers, toilets, laundry, and other such areas.
  • Black water: This is water from sewage disposal or from overflowing rivers.

Is it possible to repair water damage?

It depends on the extent of water damage, says an expert at one of the reputable water damage restoration companies.

It is easier to remove clean water than other types of water. Clean water poses no health hazard. Gray water and black water contain contaminants. Water from overflowing rivers can bring along debris too.

Simply removing gray water or black water and drying the area is not enough. You must disinfect the place because such waters generally carry bacteria, insects, and dirt with them. Proper scrubbing and bleaching the area with chemicals is required. It is good to call in the experts for the job.

Before starting the repair

The first thing to do when you realize water is seeping in your house is to check the source. Until and unless you don’t know where the water is coming from, you can’t start the removing and the drying process. Professionals for water damage repair in VA know how and where to start the repair process. You can rest assure yourselves they will do an efficient job.

After water removal

After removing the water and drying up the belongings, you must then see what items can be restored and what need to be thrown away.

Some of your prized possessions may also get damaged. You must take a tough decision in such a situation. Keeping damaged items may lead to a health hazard in the house. Such items may appear to be dry from the surface, but inside they stay moist, which attracts mold growth. This can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues.

Please do not try to clean contaminated water on your own. You may remove clean water; but if the damage is more, it is better to call water damage restoration companies. They are known to do an impeccable job that leaves your house clean, disinfected, and fresh.

You may need to shell out dollars for calling in the experts; but if you don’t call them, it can prove to be costlier.

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