Suffering From Poor Air Quality? Here’s How Asbestos Contractors Can Help

Suffering From Poor Air Quality? Here’s How Asbestos Contractors Can Help


Until a few decades back, asbestos was a hugely popular material used in construction. Its properties such as insulation and fire resistance contributed to its widespread use. However, it was later discovered that exposure to asbestos can lead to serious health issues such as lung cancer and mesothelioma. From then on, there have been restrictions in place regarding the use of asbestos, its maintenance and removal.

When you need to eliminate the risk of asbestos exposure, it is integral to hire professional asbestos removal contractors. These are experts who specialize in the detection, removal and safe disposal of asbestos-containing materials. They are trained to detect asbestos in buildings and safely handle the restoration and removal process while minimizing the risk due to inhalation of asbestos fibers.

All practices and procedures followed by these professionals adhere to local, state and federal regulations regarding handling and disposal of asbestos. The result is safe interiors in homes and commercial buildings with good air quality.

Significance of air quality

Improving the air quality in homes and commercial buildings and maintaining optimal air quality in the long run is important for several reasons. As we all know, poor air quality can lead to numerous health issues, especially respiratory problems, headache and fatigue. It can also intensify pre-existing health conditions such as allergies and asthma. Moreover, decrease in air quality can lead to poor productivity levels and a general feeling of unease. By safely eliminating hazardous substances such as asbestos from the environment, asbestos removal contractors contribute to improving air quality and creating a healthier environment for work or living.

Complexities in asbestos removal

Unlike what most people believe, asbestos removal is not a process to be taken lightly. On the other hand, it is a complex and potentially dangerous process that demands the expertise of trained professionals and the use of specialized equipment. Asbestos removal companies implement various techniques to safely and effectively remove materials containing asbestos. Some of these techniques are as follows:

• Encapsulation: This process involves the use of a sealant on the material containing asbestos. It seals the fibers within the material and prevents it from being released into the air.
• Enclosure: Just as the term suggests, this proves involves creating a barrier around the asbestos-containing material to eliminate the risk of asbestos fibers spreading into the environment.
• Removal: This process includes safely removing the material and disposing it as per applicable regulations.

To effectively conduct these processes, asbestos contractor implement strict guidelines including sophisticated safety measures. They wear respirators and disposable coveralls to minimize exposure to asbestos fibers and the risk of inhaling these microscopic fibers. They are equipped with advanced equipment such as negative air machines designed to create negative pressure environment to prevent asbestos fibers from being released into the air.

Ensuring overall air quality

Improving air quality in homes and commercial spaces is not limited to removing asbestos. If the air quality in your environment is below par, asbestos removal contractors can identify the causes of air pollution in your building and suggest recommendations to improve the overall air quality. For instance, these professionals may suggest installation of air filtration systems or upgrading to new HVAC systems for improved ventilation.

If there are spaces in your home that are vulnerable to moisture and therefore support the growth of mold, asbestos contractors may recommend dehumidifying the space to eliminate mold and the risk of breathing issues in occupants.

Final word

So as you can see, hiring asbestos contractors is a great way to improve air quality in your living or working environments. With their commitment to quality and adherence to safety regulations, these experts will ensure that your home is free of hazardous materials and features excellent air quality.


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