Asbestos Removal Contractors: Cost and Importance of Hiring

Asbestos Removal Contractors: Cost and Importance of Hiring


If your home is built before the 1990’s, chances are that its structures may contain asbestos. You might be tempted to remove asbestos on your own; probably to save the cost of hiring contractors or simply because you are unaware of the perilous nature of the job.

Do you know every state has a set of laws with regard to asbestos removal? This means you just can’t put on your gloves and mask and go about removing asbestos around your house. The law mandates people to hire asbestos removal contractors. Even if you dare to do the task on your own, you still must have trained professionals by your side. So, this task is hardly done completely on your own.

This is because of the dangers involved in handling this mineral. Asbestos fibers are microscopic. You would hardly know when you inhaled them. They can destroy your lungs, causing all sorts of respiratory complications, even lung cancer.

What’s scarier is that the symptoms may take more than a decade to develop.

Cost of asbestos removal

Cost of removing asbestos from building structures depends on factors like:

• Amount of asbestos to be removed
• Its condition and type – For example, chrysotile asbestos is easier to remove than crocidolite and amosite.
• Location of the building

You may spend a few thousand dollars in hiring asbestos contractors, but the money spent on this task is worth it. This can be a life savior. Is there anything more valuable than the wellbeing of your family and you?

Where can asbestos be in my home/office?

Asbestos can be found in attic, floor tiles, boiler insulation, pipe insulation, exterior cemented sidings, roof shingles, sealant, wall insulation, linoleum, ceilings, sheetrock walls, popcorn ceilings (featuring textured paints), and others.

Except for wooden structures, glass structures, metal, brick, and fiber glass, you can find asbestos almost everywhere in your house, if it is built before the 90’s. During this era, asbestos was one of the common materials used in construction due to its fire-resistant property, strength, and durability.

However, looking at its hazardous properties, it is now banned for use in home and commercial building construction. Also, you must hire asbestos removal contractors to eliminate the existing asbestos in your building. You cannot do it on your own.

As per reports of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), asbestos is a toxic mineral that has the potential of causing terminal medical conditions such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

Seeking an asbestos inspection and removal

If you are planning to remodel your house that requires demolition of structures, you must contact licensed contractors that specialize in asbestos removal. These professionals undergo special training to detect, remove, and dispose of the mineral. It requires knowledge and expertise to handle this dangerous mineral.

Why a thorough inspection?

You cannot simply see asbestos hanging around there in your house structure. Nor can it be detected through smell. The inspection professionals use special equipment and their skill to detect the presence of asbestos.

During demolition, if there is asbestos in the structure, it can easily get released in the air without your knowing. You cannot see asbestos fibers being suspended in air. This makes the mineral even more dangerous. You may be living in a house containing asbestos and not know it. However, living is not dangerous as long as the mineral is intact somewhere in your house structure.

But if you intend to remodel the house or office, this asbestos can get disturbed, releasing its microscopic fibers in the air. This can pose a grave health hazard for you and your family or employees.

Contact asbestos contractors today and ensure you take up any remodeling project with utmost safety.

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